Q do you have a minimum order 

A no  just order what you like  when you wish 

Q Where dose Tea come from 

A All Teas come from  the leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis  and is grown in many parts of the world 

Q What is the difference between Green Tea and black tea 

A All teas come from the same plant Camellia Sinensis , Green tea is unoxidized and most closely resembles  the original plucked leaf ,  Black tea is a fully oxidized tea  and much darker. 

Q Where dose your tea come from 

A  we do our best to source our teas through  established  relationships  in China  India  Sri Lanka Kenya Japan  and Taiwan , not to mention wholesalers in the UK 

Q What grade of tea do you stock 

A we endeavour to only stock OP and above 

Q What is the grading system 

 The British grading  system is as follows.

Whole leaf  

SFTGFOP special fine tippy golden flowery orange pekoe

FTGFOP fine tippy golden flowery orange pekoe

TGFOP tippy golden flowery orange pekoe

GFOP golden flowery orange pekoe

FOP flowery orange pekoe 

FP flowery pekoe

OP orange pekoe