What is Green Tea?

Green Tea is a very well-known form of tea. However, we ask the question more in the context of if all tea leaves are from a tea bush, how is green tea different from black tea or oolong tea or white tea? And in this context, it is the way the leaves are plucked and produced that results in green tea. The main difference is that the oxidization process of the leaves is halted – so they do not turn brown as with Oolong Teas or Black Tea. The leaves are plucked from the tea bush when they are fully open, sometimes left to wither for a short while, and then heat is applied to prevent oxidization, a chemical reaction that occurs between the moisture contained in the leaf and the oxygen in the air. The green tea leaves are then rolled or pressed to develop their unique flavors, before being dried and sorted.

Choosing Your Loose Leaf Green Teas

Green Tea Leaves are amazing in both their varied forms and the health benefits they give too. For the purposes of everyday serving, 3 – 5 cups of green tea a day is associated with health benefits, but which one should you choose? As the chemical structure of a green tea leaf is likely to be very similar from one to another, we would say the teas you should choose should be ones you really enjoy.

How To Infuse Loose Leaf Green Tea.

As with all tea infusions, we start with water.
Wherever possible, use fresh, filtered water. The water temperature to use should not be boiling but around 80 Degrees. Infusion times for green teas are also less than for larger leaf black teas within a range of 1 – 4 minutes, but for a medium strength, we would suggest around 3 minutes in general.

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